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Combining these two missions into one would save time and, consequently, phd thesis robot costs. The goal of this thesis is, therefore, to develop a robotic exploration algorithm for autonomous underwater vehicles that is capable of exploring safely unknown environments in 3D, obtaining simultaneously a grid map with the relief or shape of the environment and also a set of images that cover all the surfaces.

The presented robotic exploration algorithm works iteratively. Using the data reported by the sensors, the algorithm generates a map and automatically determines the regions to be explored next. From all the possible regions to explore, the algorithm chooses the best one and generates a viewpoint that will allow the robot to obtain information of the region of interest.

To reach the selected viewpoint, the algorithm computes a safe path from the current robot configuration, taking into account the obstacles in the map. The first part of this thesis develops a 2D exploration method for environments with high relief.

Occupancy data is gathered by a scanning profiling sonar, and optical data is obtained from an underwater camera, mounted in the Sparus Mobile robot phd thesis AUV, a torpedo shaped robot. Then, this part continues with the development of an improved version of the algorithm, where a noise filtering strategy is proposed to remove the noise present in the sonar sensor, as it negatively affects the consistency of generated maps, which may cause the exploration algorithm to take suboptimal exploration decisions.

Apart from picking solutions in well-defined industrial scenarios, general grasping in unstructured environment is still an open problem. In this thesis, we exploit two robin houston phd thesis properties to devise grasp planning algorithms: the compliance of robot hands and the stiffness of the environment that surrounds an object.

The investigations and planning algorithms show that exploiting compliance in hands and stiffness in the environment leads to improved grasp performance. Proteins are involved in almost all functions in our cells due to their ability to combine conformational motion with chemical specificity.

Mobile robot phd thesis

Hence, information about the motions of a protein provides insights into its function. Proteins move on a rugged energy landscape with many local minima, which is imposed on their high-dimensional conformational space.

Exhaustive sampling of this space exceeds the available computational resources for all but the smallest proteins. The accuracy mobile robot phd thesis the approximation depends on the accuracy of the used information. Information that is specific to the problem domain, i.

A humanoid robot Ph.D. thesis explained to non scientists

In this thesis, I propose a novel elastic network model of learned maintained contacts, lmcENM. This improves the general applicability of elastic network models. Intelligent robots must be able to learn; they must be able to adapt their behavior based on experience. But generalization from past experience is only possible based on assumptions or prior knowledge priors for short about how the world works.

I study the role of rob dekkers phd thesis priors for learning perception. Although priors play a central role in machine learning, they are often hidden in the details of learning algorithms. By making these priors explicit, we can see that currently used priors describe the world from the perspective of a passive disinterested observer.

Robin houston phd thesis

Such generic AI priors are useful because they apply to perception scenarios where there is no robot, such as image classification. These priors are still useful for learning robotic perception, but they miss an important aspect of the problem: the robot.

In this thesis we study robot perception to support a specific type of manipulation task in unstructured environments, the mechanical manipulation of kinematic degrees of freedom.

We propose a general approach for interactive perception and instantiations of this approach mobile robot phd thesis perceptual systems to build kinematic, geometric and dynamic models of articulated objects.

Three-dimensional protein structures are an invaluable stepping stone towards the understanding of cellular processes. Not surprisingly, state-of-the-art structure prediction methods heavily rely on information.

We demonstrate that these information sources allow improved structure prediction and the reconstruction of human serum albumin domain structures from experimental data collected in its native environment, human blood serum. The key features of this system are a high degree of immersion into the computer generated virtual environment and a large working volume.

Rob dekkers phd thesis

The robin houston phd thesis degree of immersion will be achieved by multimodal human-exoskeleton interaction based on haptic effects, audio and three- dimensional visualization. The large working volume will be achieved by a lightweight wearable construction that can be carried on the back of the user. Computationally efficient motion planning mus avoid exhaustive exploration of high-dimensional configuration spaces by leveraging the structure present in real-world planning problems.

We argue that this can be accomplished most effectively by carefully balancing exploration and exploitation. Exploration seeks to understand configuration space, irrespective of the planning problem, and exploitation acts to solve the problem, given the available information obtained by exploration.

The planner acquires workspace information and subsequently uses this information for exploitation in configuration space. If exploitation fails in difficult regions the planner mobile robot phd thesis shifts to its behavior towards exploration. This thesis develops robotic skills for manipulating novel articulated objects. The degrees of freedom of an articulated object describe the relationship among its rigid bodies, and are often relevant to the object's intended function.

Examples of everyday articulated objects include scissors, pliers, doors, door handles, books, and drawers. Autonomous manipulation of articulated objects is therefore a prerequisite for many robotic applications in our everyday environments. The most significant impediment for protein structure prediction is the inadequacy of conformation space search.

PhD Thesis by Lykke Brogaard Bertel: PEERs: Persuasive Educational and Entertainment Robotics

Conformation space is too large and the energy landscape too rugged for existing search methods to consistently find near-optimal minima. Robots already impact robin houston phd thesis way we understand our world and live our lives.

However, their impact and use is limited by the skills they possess. Currently deployed autonomous robots lack the manipulation skills possessed by humans. To achieve general autonomy and applicability in the real world, robots must possess such skills. Sensors are an important part of any robot control system. While soft pneumatic actuators can't use most sensors from rigid robotics, they exhibit properties that make new sensing modalities possible. The air inside the air chamber of a pneumatic actuator conducts sound and this sound carries information about where it originated and which path it traveled.

Classical robotic grasping approaches employ static behaviors: First the hand is maneuvered to the object, then the fingers are closed, and finally the hand is retracted from the scene with the grasped object. Open Close Menu. Start Expand Start Minimize Start.

Education Expand Education Minimize Education. Research Expand Research Minimize Research. Collaboration Expand Collaboration Minimize Collaboration. About us Expand About us Minimize About us. For staff. Contact us.I have an active research lab interested in stimulating the immune system to fight solid tumors. My lab investigates the role of a specific type of immune cell called the natural killer NK cell in the control of cancer.

Skip to main content. They are conceptually elegant, easy for a computer to draw, and have a graphical representation - with draggable control handles - that is well-suited to interactive computer editing. There is also a secondary, unexpected pleasure to be had from this copy of the paper: the scanned document seems to have been processed by an unreliable optical character recognition algorithm, so that deciphering the phd thesis robot meaning is at times an amusing puzzle.

Some words are in a different font, apparently because they defeated the Mobile robot phd thesis algorithm and so the text is reproduced from the original document. Then the problem of finding a smooth curve given the positions of the control points can be solved very efficiently using standard matrix methods for solving linear equations.

All the fine-tuning of control handles is eliminated, though the shape can still be refined by adding additional curve points.

I agree that doing away with off-curve control points is a great idea, especially for something designed for general use. To mitigate this, you need to add control points. Second, because the Hobby spline is determined by a system of equations involving all the control points on a curve, as you change one control point, it causes ripple effects in non-adjacent parts of the curve.

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Georgia Tech’s Ph.D. Program in Robotics

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